What Does Hyundai Mean?

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Have you ever looked at one of the many Hyundai vehicles on the road and wondered, “what does Hyundai mean?” or what does the Hyundai logo mean? Let’s take a look at this in more detail with the experts at Elk Grove Hyundai today! For more information, feel free to contact us anytime!

What is the Meaning of “Hyundai” in English?

So, what does Hyundai mean in English? The Hyundai name meaning explained in English translates to “modernity” and was introduced when the original Hyundai construction company was formed in South Korea in 1947. The Hyundai slogan—“New Thinking, New Possibilities”—is designed to be a play on the Hyundai name. 

How Do You Pronounce “Hyundai?”

Hyundai is pronounced in the United States similar to how you would say the first part of the word “honey”—”hun”—followed by “day”. The proper pronunciation is “hun-day”, however, you will sometimes hear it being pronounced as “high-UN-dye”.

What Does the Hyundai Logo Mean?

So, what does the Hyundai logo mean? The Hyundai logo is designed to resemble active motion by leaning to the right. However, there are a few other meanings that are also present in the Hyundai logo:

  • The logo is designed to resemble the silhouette of two people shaking hands.
  • This represents the Hyundai commitment to customer satisfaction and teamwork.
  • It also depicts the well-known image of a salesperson and a shopper making a deal.
  • The silver oval encircling the hand-shakers could symbolize the global expansion of the automotive brand. 

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