Why is my Hyundai Check Engine Light On?

check engine light on

If you’ve noticed your Hyundai Elantra or Hyundai Sonata check engine light pop on during your Sacramento travels, there’s no need to panic. Though you’ll want to get the problem solved promptly, a Hyundai check engine light can turn on for both minor and major auto issues. It could be a maintenance issue, an engine problem, or even just a loose gas cap! Take a look at some of the most common reasons for engine light issues around the Natomas and Roseville area, and be sure to schedule your next appointment at Elk Grove Hyundai to resolve the problem for good!


How Can I Fix my Hyundai Check Engine Light?

While it’s always a good idea to swing by the service center, you can do some troubleshooting in the meantime. Because a check engine light can turn on for a variety of reasons, we recommend doing a little bit of research. Here are a few car tips to get you started:

  • Double check that you are looking at a Hyundai Elantra check engine light and not another light on the dashboard. Look at your vehicle owner’s manual for a complete guide to every light on your dash!
  • Next, identify the color of your check engine light. A yellow light means that you’ll need to get the issue resolved quickly, but a red light is much more pressing. You’ll want to stop driving completely and call a towing service to get you to safety.
  • Then, see if there are any immediate problems you can observe. Is the engine overheating? Is there low oil pressure? Do you see smoke or smell something burning? Pull over to a safe spot and turn off the engine if anything seems unusual.
  • If everything appears to be normal, bring your car into the service center for a full diagnosis. Our technicians are experts who can quickly diagnose and resolve your car issues, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

What Triggers Your Hyundai Check Engine Light?

The check engine light is a warning system built into every vehicle, which alerts you when a component could use some attention. This can be anything from a gas cap issue to engine failure, which is why a proper diagnosis is so essential. Here are some of the more common reasons we see at Elk Grove Hyundai:

  • Mass Airflow Sensor: Your Hyundai’s Mass Airflow Sensor, or MAF, controls how much fuel and air flows through your engine at any given moment. When the MAF malfunctions, problems like stalling and poor efficiency can result. But luckily, changing your air filter will generally solve the problem.
  • Oxygen Sensor: Your oxygen sensor keeps track of how much oxygen is being released by the exhaust, which helps to determine how much fuel is being used. When your sensors do not work, this can lead to problems with your catalytic converter and much lower fuel efficiency.
  • Catalytic Converter: Your catalytic converter is responsible for transforming harmful carbon monoxide into safer compounds, which leads to cleaner air. Problems with your catalytic converter result in issues with both performance and efficiency.
  • Loose Gas Cap: If you notice your Hyundai Elantra check engine light, be sure to check your gas cap first. This is the easiest problem to resolve, so save yourself some time and give it a good twist before you schedule your appointment.

Schedule Your Service with Elk Grove Hyundai

No need to speculate why your Hyundai check engine light came on, just stop by Elk Grove Hyundai in Elk Grove to resolve the issue for good. Contact us with any questions ahead of time, or just schedule your appointment online at your convenience.


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